What We Do

Promotional gifts

Your brand identity is supposed to be special and unique. To achieve brand awareness, your promotional gifts need to be eye-catching. They also have to fit your CI, your products and services. We are dedicated to supporting you with the right selection and the right execution to perfectly sustain your market presence.

Present Perfect has a proven expertise in the international procurement of creative promotional gifts, campaigns, concepts and on-pack solutions. We pay attention to the necessary certifications and documentation that are required throughout the whole production cycle.

Project-based advertising materials
Successful national campaigns rely on a seamlessly orchestrated path of implementation – it’s all about timing, price and quality. We support our clients in successfully selecting and crafting promotional gifts for campaigns. You can put your trust into our profound knowledge of how to handle all critical points when it comes to overseeing production, certification, transport and import challenges of large projects. Focus on your campaign – we take care of everything else.

Classic promotional gifts
Never underestimate the basics! To make a lasting impression, all items bearing your brand get our special touch – be it pens, bags, clothing, everyday items or simple promotional gifts. Special refinement and personalization define these presents, aimed at creating a lasting impression and raising consumer awareness. Yours is the benefit of our proven expertise in this field!

Full service

A consistent corporate design is the key element to how any company is perceived. We at Present Perfect, will support you as an integrated provider of your CI. Order acceptance, individually designed ecommerce and trade systems, warehousing, selection and quality management of advertising materials as well, as packaging are all handled effectively by our team of specialists. Our seamless support makes all the difference!

Love of detail
Present Perfect’s full service offerings derives from our long-lasting experience with large corporate clients. Be it the high quality of a ballpoint pen or the cost-optimized billing solution – we pay full professional attention to every little detail.

Perfect implementation
Backed by extensive experience, we coordinate your advertising projects convincingly. Whether you are looking for a selection of advertising or promotional materials, project management, international logistics, invoicing, or accounting, you are in perfect hands with us. References of our international clients are proof of our trusted abilities – ready for you to be set in motion.

Projects and tailor-made solutions

By aligning ideas with requirements, we implement complex projects and tailor-made creations in collaboration with our clients. Sophisticated and challenging projects are truly welcome, our experience ensures a straightforward process on all levels.

Web shop & intranet support
Promotional materials only unfold their full potential, when it is made sure that they are available at the right time and place – which is our job precisely. A simple and direct web shop-based distribution of your advertising materials is guaranteed, be it with or without an SAP or intranet connection. We cover the entire process chain, including presentation, availability, shipping and billing.

Multi-channel campaigns
Multi-channel campaigns can prove to be quite tricky, which is why they demand in-depth expertise to achieve the desired results. We can help with practical, real world solutions which require much more than effective advertising materials. Experience combined with thorough management is what makes the planning and execution of complex strategies possible.

Employee incentives and premiums

There’s no such thing as a successful company without highly motivated employees. From a company perspective, it’s about meeting targets and achieving the best possible result with the right set of tools at hand. There are numerous ways to apply non-monetary premiums and prizes across a variety of departments within a company. They are efficient in having employees share in a company’s success while at the same time eliminating taxes and fees that would be related to a purely monetary bonus. From our side, we take care of the implementation. This includes the selection of the premiums, procurement, logistics, delivery and warranty processing, if desired in direct interaction with your employees.

Employee loyalty premiums
It’s a company’s responsibility to reward the top performers, the reliable, hard-working and friendly employees among its staff. Non-monetary premiums make room for great success, such as recognition for the targets achieved or rewarding an employee for suggesting just the right person for a vacant position.

Premiums for sales management
Sales is all about meeting targets – turnover, profit, new clients or unit numbers. Classic sales competitions which benefit all of your staff can be ideally combined with scaled and attractive non-monetary premiums.

Retail marketing

Retail marketing or trade marketing – at the POS it is decided, how successful your sales are in the classic trade sector. Present Perfect playfully combines requirements from classic offline sales channels with new online buying habits. This is always achieved with a personal approach, best know-how and positive messages for first-class experiences.

At retail level – for manufacturers and marketers
The experienced specialists that we are, we offer a convincing, campaign-oriented support in the retail environment. In doing so, we rely on traceable achievements, resulting from a mix of experienced employees and the adoption of the latest technology. Experience the difference in quality and service!

Campaign development and assistance
Our experience allows us to analyze, compare and implement a wide range of results from many different industry sectors. This is what makes us a strong and valuable partner when developing and assisting marketing campaigns.

Promotion and events

Your event will be a success if you count on us as an experienced service provider. We will gladly support you with our promotional representatives and the perfect equipment such as clothing, decoration and more details. We cover both, open events or business to business only special events, congresses, fairs and exhibitions.

Promotional representatives
We provide you with experienced personnel for any kind of event. Multilingual and skilled promoters contribute to your event effectively and professionally. And of course – fully aligned with your goals.

Benefits & Equipment
Be it table mats, event-decoration or VR-glasses with video-content: To convincingly transport your message, all services and equipment at your event have to fit perfectly. They also need to be adapted to your industry as well as the purpose of the event. With our experience, our job is to help you make the right choices. Whether it is about an industry-specific solution for sales support or an event-related surprise – we’ll find a way. Promised!

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